Which platform to use to record the speaker before the Simu-Live event?

If I just need to do pre-recording a speaker in webcam with audio for simu-live event, which way is the best to do it?

@foongfoong you can also do this in ON24. Just create a LIVE event with screenshare and audio… do the recording with the speaker as if a live event, but there is NO audience. And then import the media into your simulive event. That’s how we do it and it always works. :slight_smile:

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I do exactly that with ON24 allllll the time. I’ve also coached self recording and use WebEx from time to time and record on my end with OBS.

We also have a Wirecast that’s I’ve used with ON24 to broadcast, and it works really well for recordings for simulive. A lot of the time it depends on connectivity and what technology is working best for all involved.

Hey Sanne - I really like this idea and want to try and utilize - I assume you didn’t push any polls with such or is there a way you have found to do so as you record live and import to another webinar?


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Hi @hailey.1, we actually do use polls sometimes, but just don’t show the results. We just talk about the results we expect to get. Getting this info is still very useful.

An otherway you could go round with this, is making your simulive a simulive with roll over to live. Where are ask the poll question in the recording, and talk about the results in the live part? And just look up the results int he report?